Malignancy – Liver, Pancreas, Stomach and Gallbladder & Biliary Tree

Liver resections are tailored on the size and segments of liver involved. Many liver resections can be performed laparoscopically however some involve major vascular resections, which require an open operation. Depending on the type of tumour, chemotherapy may be given before or after surgery.

Pancreatic cancer within the head of the pancreas requires what is known as a “Whipple’s procedure” and this is performed as an open operation by most surgeons throughout the world. Cancers within the body and the tail of the pancreas can often be removed laparoscopically and usually involves removal of the spleen as the blood supply to the latter organ usually approximates the tumour within the pancreas.

Gastric cancers can be resected either laparoscopically or open, depending on their position and site. If the cancer is away from the oesophagus then part of the stomach can usually be preserved (radical subtotal gastrectomy).

Standard of care around the management of liver and pancreatic and gastric tumours is evolving. Depending on the site and size of the tumour and the histopathology, we often choose to give further treatment such as chemotherapy or chemotherapy with radiotherapy before or after surgery. A full discussion with the surgeon and oncologist would be undertaken prior to the decision making process.

The intricacies of these operations requires a detailed chat with Dr Martin who will discuss:

  1. Aetiology of your cancer
  2. Staging algorithm to assess the extent of the disease
  3. Discussion overview regarding chemotherapy, radiotherapy, other targeted therapies and surgery
  4. Risks and benefits of each treatment
  5. Complications that could occur

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